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I look at the world differently now. Everywhere I go I see a painting possibility. The colors you see on screen are digital so they may differ from the actual canvas. Click on the image for a larger view.

Lighthouse 18x24 - Available

Fez Medina 20x24 - Available

The Pond 16x12 - Available

skye scotland 24x30 - sold

Aloe 20x24 - available

Sunday in the Park 24x30 - sold

Burano Italy 18x24 - Sold

African Waterfall 18x24 - sold

City Lights 16x20 - Sold

Mexican Sunset 48x36 - Available

Selling Wares in Morocco 24x30 - Available

Flame Flower 18x24 - Sold

Autumn Field with barn 24x30 - Sold

Red Barn30x12- Sold

Oatlands 18x24- Available

Tuscan Fields 18x24 - Sold

Zebras and Wildebeest 24 x 30 - Sold

Green Valley 18 x 24 - Sold

Misty Morning 18x24 - Sold

Fisherman Cottages 16x20 - Sold

Marsh in the Fall 18x24 - sold

Rice Paddies 16x20 - Available

Spain 18x24- sold

Autumn Brilliance 18x24- sold

Stormy Sky 48x36 - Available

Secret Bay 18x24- Available

Tuscany 18x24- sold

Flower Pots 12x16- Sold

Autumn Fields 12x36 - Sold

Venice Gondola 24x30 - Available

Abruzzo, Italy 16x20 - Sold

Buffalo 24x30 - sold

Morocco 16x20 - Commissioned

Peonies 16x20 - sold

Tulips 12x24 -sold

Oatlands in the Fall 16x20- Sold

Sunset 24x30 - sold

Gondolas 15x30 - Sold

Ginger Flower 20x16- Sold

Montana 18x24 - Sold

Field of Gold 48x36 - Sold

Rainy Street 24x30 - Available

Yellow Hibiscus 16x16- Available

Palm Desert 36x24 - Available

Snowy Night 24x20 - sold

River Crossing 24x18 - Available

Poppies 20x24 - sold

Blue Cottage 12x16 - Available

Great Falls Bluebells 12x16 - Sold

Wine Country 24x30 Framed - Sold

Sedona at Sunset 18x24 - Available

Durange Park - available

Impressions of Tuscany 16x20 - available

Before the Storm 24x30- available

Maui 24x20 - available

Rocky Stream 24x20 - available

At The River Mouth 18x14 - available

Waterfall 24x30 - sold

Fire Mountain - sold

Amalfi 18x24 - sold
Taos, New Mexico 14x11 - sold
Running Free 24x36 - SOLD The Village 24x30 - sold Sunday Stroll 24x30 - sold
Snowy Scene 16x20 - available Young Fisherman 24x20 - sold Market Day 20x16 - sold
Toscana 24x30 - sold Arniston 20x16 - sold Hawaiian Truck 24x20 - sold
Cat 16x12 - sold Hawaiian Beach 24x30 - sold Back Streets of Venice 24x30 -sold
Walk on the Beach 20x16 - sold Crete Village 24x30 - sold A Day on the Beach 24x30 - sold
Contrasts 24x30 - sold Basket Seller 24x18 - sold Irish Memories 30x40 - commissioned
Sunflowers 24x36 - SOLD Sedona 24x18 - sold

Copyright 2002, Loretta Scott. All rights reserved.
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