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Doors and Windows

I enjoy the bright colors and wonderful textures of the old and interesting buildings throughout the world, but particularly in Europe and South America. Windows and doors have always held a feeling of mystery, of intrigue - what story lies behind them.

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Geranium Flower box 18x24 - Available

Italian Courtyard 18x24 - sold

Puerto Rico 24x30 - available

Brazilian Rooftops 20x24 - Available
Burano Italy 18x24 - Available

Venice Gondola 24x30 - Available
Old Barn 18x24 - sold Canyon Road 24x30 - available Ravages of Time 24x30 - sold

Red Bicycle 24x30 - sold
Colorful Canal 24x18 - sold Tina's Italy 24x30 - commissioned
Courtyard 24x18 - sold Grecian Pots 24x30 - sold Cellar Door 24x16 - sold
Behind Closed Doors 22x28 - sold Blue Door 24x30 - sold Red Wall 24x30 - sold
Time Has Passed 24x30 - sold Mykonos 24x30 - sold

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