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Still Life

Composition is a challenge. I like playing with unusual objects.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Peonies 16x20 - sold

Sunflowers 16x20 - Available

Dogwood 16x20 - Available

Apples 12x16 - Available

Gourds 16x16 - available

Garden Flowers 16x20 - sold

Vases 16x20 - Available

Old Flower Pots 12x16 - Available

Water Lily 12x24 - sold

Fruit and Flowers 20x24 - sold

Pear and Pomegranate 30x40 - Available

Copper Kettle 18x24 - Available
Basket of Fruit 24x18 - available Lantern 24x18 - available Hidden Treasures 24x18 - available
Wine Glasses 8x10 - sold Garlic and Cheese 8x10 - sold Wind and Cheese 8x10 - sold
Lemonade 14 x 18- sold Tea Time 20x16 - sold Hats 20x16 - sold
Papayas 24x18 - sold White Vases 24x20 - sold
Lilies 24x12 - soldGrapes 7x5 - available Lily Bouquet 9x12 - commissioned
White Bouquet 9x12 - commissioned Bridal Bouguet 9x12 - commissioned Pink Bouqet 9x12 - commissioned

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