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If you are interested in having a portrait done, contact me by phone or e-mail. I paint from photos and will ship the painting to you. Prices start out at around $300 and go up from there depending on size and detail. Work-in-progress will be available for viewing online through a secure site set up for you during the process.

What kind of photos should you send? It is very important to have a good, clear photo to work with. I don't know the subject personally, so I have to rely completely on the photo or photos sent to do an accurate rendering of the person. Please send photos showing the face clearly and in focus. Many studio photographic portraits work well but they are not necessary. Snapshots may work if taken at eye level. More than one photo is also helpful, to get a better idea of what the subject looks like. All photos will be returned. Make sure to send a current photo unless this is intended to be a portrait of the subject at the time the photo was taken. I cannot age-progress a photo.

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Owl 20 x 24 available

Stallion 18 x 24 available

Zebra Profile 24 x 30 available

Elephant 24 x 30 available

Della 11x14 - NFS

Pepper 16x20- commissioned

Riley 11x14- commissioned

lion 24x30 - available

Benji 16x20 - NFS

georgia 11x14 - NFS

Buffalo 24x30 - sold

African Elephant 24x30 - sold

Blue Zebra 24x30 - Available
Zebra 24x24 - sold Lion at Sunset 30x34 -sold After the Kill: Memories of South Africa - 36x36 - sold
Girl on the Beach 20x34 - sold Young Fisherman 24x20 - sold Whimsical Elephant 24x30 - personal collection
14x16 - commissioned 10x8 - sold Basket Seller 24x18 - sold
24x30 - personal collection 14x16 - commissioned 20x24 - commissioned
11x14 - commissioned 11x14 - commissioned 11x14 - commissioned

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